About the project

What is “Elita czyta / The Elite Reads” project about?
We love books and we want as many people as possible to reach for them even in a world that is so much in a hurry. To make it happen we’ve created the “Elita czyta” website. We hope that through role models, human curiosity, mutual inspiration and challenges and our own social activity we will be able to build the wish and need to read and share the most beautiful and worthy aspects of book and readership. The goal of the project it to promote readership and legal culture.

We believe that we gladly read books that have been read, recommended or appreciated by people who are important to us. The core of the project is www.elitaczyta.pl website. It is the means through which we present the books that are read by people that you like, know, who are your role models or whom you simply admire and would like to know better. We present to you reading preferences of important people from the worlds of: Academia, Culture, Sports, Politics, Business and Principles.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is „Elita czyta / The Elite Reads” a commercial project?
We are a non-profit initiative. We do not advertise any product on our website, we will not use it for commercial purposes. We wish to promote ideas and shape socially desirable behavior patterns. All money and other assets receives from project’s sponsors and benefactors are invested in the development of the project. Logos and names of supporting institutions can be found on www.elitaczyta.pl website.

Who runs the project?
The project has been created and is coordinated Boleslaw under the auspices of Prus Association (Stowarzyszenie im. Bolesława Prusa, address Bracka 23/40 Street, zip-code 00-028, Warsaw, Poland, KRS 0000440867). Information on whom to contact can be fund below.

How can I join the project?
If you are interested in working for the project, internship or voluntary activity, contact us sending your CV or short info about yourself to biuro@elitaczyta.pl. We will respond to every message!

Where can I send observations and requests regarding the project?
Contact us at kontakt@elitaczyta.pl. Thank you in advance for any message you send us!

I personally, my company or institution I represent would like to support the “Elita czyta / The elite Reads” project or start cooperation within its framework – how and whom should I contact?
Everybody who feels that the idea of readership and legal culture promotion is an important one is invited to cooperate with us and support the project. If you are interested in cooperating, or would like to receive more information or details regarding the project, contact us at rafal.dobrzynski@elitaczyta.pl or by phone: Rafał Dobrzyński +48 667 111 333.

I would like to propose inviting a new VIP for the project, I would like to become a VIP for the project – how do I do that?
We welcome you suggestions regarding persons, whose reading preferences you’d like to get to know. We welcome new contacts and communication channels. Please, send us your proposals or contact us at anna.oleszek@elitaczyta.pl or by phone: Anna Oleszek +48 669 112 116.

Where do I send letters regarding trade offers and other issues?
Correspondence regarding any other issues should be sent to: biuro@elitaczyta.pl

Rafał Dobrzyński
T: + 48 667 111 333

Anna Oleszek
T: + 48 669 112 116